How To Sync iTunes with Android

This guide is an easier, edited version of a article I read online. The source can be found at the bottom.

For those of you coming from iPhones/iPods and have massive clean & organized music with iTunes, there is indeed a way to sync your music for free to your android phone. If you like it, support the project, the software I'm about to talk about is free.

iTunes Agent - Windows based software that reads iTunes, keeps organization and brings the files to your Android Phone.
iTuneMyWalkman - Mac users that are smart enough to know that there are other Mp3 players other than iPods, install this software instead of iTunes Agent.

1.) Download iTunes Agent,

2.) ---> Once Installed, the software will run in the system tray.

3.) Plug in your Android (EVO 4G in this guide.) and mount it as a hard drive. The software is going to write files to your SD Card.

4.) ---> Create a folder on your SD Card titled Music. I will explain why below.

Configuring iTunes Agent

Now, if you indeed have iTunes installed, you'll see this ballon on the bottom of your tray, letting you know that you're a pro at following directions, and you installed it successfully.

Right click iTunes Agent, and click Preferences. The next picture is what pops up.

Leave the checked ballons alone, unless you know what you're doing, and want to customize it to your taste. Be advised:

Name: HTC EVO 4G (or your specific mp3 player)
Sync Pattern: iTunes
Music Location: Locate your Music Folder you created on your SD Card
Recgonize by Folder/File: Click Create.
Click: New Device, and you'll have a config for HTC EVO 4G, you can make multiple configs, it will detect each unit that is connected.

" The fine print. It's going to delete your music folder that you already have on your phone/mp3 player if you specifiy the location directly to it. Link it to your empty "Music" folder, then make changes as you see fit. "

iTunes will create a new section called "My Devices" above your Playlist section.

1. Drag Your Music
2. Sync iTunes Agent
3. Watch long progress bar
4. Verify
5. ???
6. Profit.