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    Actually there are a ton of companies in America that dont want or need government subsidies in order to build out and be successful. And also, a tax break isnt the same as being funded by taxpayer money, and using taxpayer assets. Completely different and your lack of comprehension is astounding.

    There is no point in explaining to someone who doesnt understand the concept of public assets.

    Hey Iowa,

    I have to differ with you regarding a tax breaks as not being the same.

    The government needs X amount of dollars to run. When they give a company a tax break, the money to run the government has to come from somewhere.... i.e. the taxpayers... so whether the government flat gives the money away or gives it via a tax break, the dollars still come from the taxpayers. (taxpayer assets)

    Is this fun or what???? title=Smiletitle=Smile

    Oh yeah, I couldnt find anything on your Carter phones regs How bout providing a link to what youre referring to?

    Remember, the government cant give anybody anything until it first takes it from someone else.

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    yep my lack of comprehension is astounding......... lets get off topic and use personal attacks because we are wrong.......... doh

    VZW is a business........ if you dont like how they run their business then dont do business with them...... plain and simple

    there are plenty of other options out there for you....... without forcing a private business to change because youre whiney

    btw......... still cant find anything in re to carter phone...... guess I cant comprehend what it is.......... found plenty on carterfone though... a totally unrelated subject........ yep my comprehension is lacking indeed

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